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The key attribute of the city will be its silence. Cubes within cubes will be constructed of absorbent material, rendering biological machinations audible. Within the interior cubes will be uniform grids to house the inhabitants. The purpose of the sleepers will be to exist until called upon. All will slumber and all will stay quiet. Residents of the city will have no concern for the past, present, nor future.

Alyssa Lo is a poet and writer exploring the speculative as a way to understand the present. Originally from Hawai’i, Alyssa is now based in New York.
Current Issue
4 Mar 2024

Sometimes among the fish and crabs, we trawl squid and octopus, or little sharks, all added to the pots. Sometimes it’s a fish person, a thing we cut free and do not talk of, pretend we never saw. Today, it is part of a god.
no one wants to understand / why you smell like acid gut and carrion
Grandmother, the wolf’s voice was / a lullaby, the night sky...
Wednesday: Brooms by Jasmine Walls and Teo DuVall 
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