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breakfast: 70 boxes granola (no raisins)
lunch: 35 chickens
snack: 1 small child
dinner: 40 chickens


breakfast: 40 boxes granola (no raisins), 15 gallons yogurt
snack: 5 chickens
lunch: 2 1/2 people
snack: 1/2 person
dinner: 42 chickens


breakfast: 55 boxes granola (with raisins)
lunch: 12 goats
dinner: 3 people
snack: 1 baby

Jessy Randall's poems, stories, and other things have appeared in Asimov'sFlurbLady Churchill's Rosebud WristletMcSweeney's, and Star*Line. Her latest book is Injecting Dreams into Cows (Red Hen, 2012). Earlier books include The Wandora Unit and A Day in Boyland. A more complete bibliography is at her website.
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