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In the burned places where light is ash

of slaughtered stars

where silence stiffens

to rigor mortis

where air is death

delayed too long for mercy

we wait in vain as we always have

for the aliens

or the seraphim

for Oppenheimer's optimal blossom

we wait in vain for the asteroid

its aeon come round at last.

In the burned places between our walls

of phantom data

between the winds

that blow contagion

between these minds

clenched tight on godspeak shrapnel

we search in vain as we seldom did

for the history

the hypothesis

for Ariadne's blood-red foresight

we search in vain for the enemy

inherent in our mirrors.

Ann K. Schwader lives, writes, and volunteers at her local branch library in Westminster, CO. Her most recent poetry collection is Twisted in Dream (Hippocampus Press 2011). Her dark SF poetry collection Wild Hunt of the Stars (Sam's Dot Publishing, 2010) was a Bram Stoker Award nominee. She is a member of SFWA, HWA, and SFPA. Her LiveJournal is Yaddith Times.
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15 Apr 2024

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