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Tuesday, they broke the light.
The next three days they tried to fix it.
Staples, paperclips, hairpins, glue;
Nothing would hold it together.
Finally, they settled on writing a thesis
Promoting the better side of constant
Dark, finagled the peer review,
Hoped to secure a grant before
The true effects of the disaster
Were widely known. Quickly
People were publicly serving
Cups of broken light at corner
Photon bars. With the secured grant money
They secretly bought into the most
Wildly popular photon bars, cursed
Themselves in the open, and privately
Watched the value of their shares grow.
One filed a patent on a new, more
Stylish, light service delivery cup.

Ken’s four collections of flash fiction and four of speculative poetry are available from most web booksellers. He was an information warrior for thirty-three years, and now supports full time his wife’s powerlifting. Recent work has appeared in Analog, Café Irreal, Rune Bear, and Tiny Molecules. His website is
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24 Jun 2024

I am a little sad that story has ended, even though I could have been the target
The Rise of Speculative Poetry 
Strange Horizons
Speculative poetry has the power to detach and disarm, to tease and pull, to play and emancipate.
We are all harmonic oscillators / Sloshing around in watery bags of salt,
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By: Ana Hurtado
Art by: delila
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