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They come down from the light
that blinds
our eyes.

They come down from the heat
that bursts
our hearts.

Killers with vast heads
that batter our shells into

our bodies vulnerable
to the ocean
murderers' open jaws.

Killers with teeth
that rip and shred
our tentacles.

us defenseless
to their terrible appetites
and their empty stomachs.

Our great and vast nation
in the
dark and cool
of the oceans.

Always to be prey
to the
of the terrible heat above us.

Always to be victims
to the
of the blinding light above us.


Copyright © 2001 Scott E. Green

Reader Comments

Scott E. Green has been active as a SF/F/H poet for over twenty years. He wrote the first and only reference work on SF/F/H poetry. Currently he is the President of the Science Fiction Poetry Association.

Bio to come.
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