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In the doghouse
next to the old drilling rig,
where oil slurped up
out of the dirt, they drink
the coffee and booze
that she brings him
in a scavenged silver thermos.

The flames are nearing
the cabin in the wild,
where boy joins girl
for a weekend in the rough.
The imagined irises and the roses
merge as the distant smoke
kindles and swoops
like a double helix.
The mechanical bears slink along low
and shaggy, like black puddles,
as revived metal hummingbirds attend
to the day with a frank utterance.

Now inside, they move
beyond coffee and booze,
between bush cruising
and fishing, and beyond
white sheets, to find
the next page of their story.

Vicky MacDonald Harris’ poems reside in Tiny Poems, Two Cities Review, Poets and Artists, Hobble Creek Review, Women Poets Wearing Sweatpants Tumblr, and The Flat Water Stirs: An Anthology of Emerging Nebraska Poets. Recent poems included in Fiery Scribe Review and Janus Literary.
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28 Nov 2022

The comb is kept in a small case and a magnifying glass is there for you
Know that the end / is something that you cannot escape here.
I wanted to ask francophone African speculative authors how they feel, how non-Black francophone African authors relate to the controversy, but also how they position themselves either as Afrofuturists or Africanfuturists, or as neither.
The new idea is to have the sixth sensors oversee the end of humanity.
By: RiverFlow
Translated by: Emily Jin
In conclusion, I argue that SF fanzines in China mostly played a transitional role. That is, when no professional platforms were available to publish articles and stories, fanzines stepped in. Though most of those fanzines did not last very long, they played the important role of compiling and delivering information. The key reason why I identify those magazines as fanzines is because all the contributors joined out of their interest in SF and worked for free.
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