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It took a long time to save for it but the gravity up here is kinder on my bones,
we fill each long day as we please,
he with his strangely looping garden,
me – wandering across the grey expanse,
a cupboard full of old board-games,
and the ghosts of earthly cats to accompany us,
mostly, I like the silence,
then the view – stretching inky darkness,
peppered with stars,
he remembers the cost, and tries to make plans and find work,
occupied with the thought that one day we’ll be able to afford the trip back,
he lost part of himself there,
and he’s never been quite whole,
the both of us watch intently each Earth-rise,
his eyes misting at the ocean,
I wear a little smile of remembrance,
and walk lightly, lightly away.

Samantha Renda-Dollman lives in South Africa with her husband, two rabbits and two cats. When not writing poetry or shopping for euro boardgames, she's usually doing something entomological. Or watching crusty old sci-fi movies.
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