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Mists of the amygdala lift
to reveal old Crete and a maze.

Slow-shoulder enthroned, bull’s eye-
wise, the bare-chested minotaur
holds a scepter:
Khronos in labyrinthine space,
time unified in Knossos.

Cairo’s star is fixed over Greece.

The footsteps of dread Ariadne
echo, entombed in amazonite.
Khronos’ eyes, the tireless eyes of a bull, shimmer.

Cleopatra dances with Rome while Carthage burns.

Suspended in his left hand, a lockless box—
obsidian, emeralds, silvered rubies—
bearing the word love.

Murderous Theseus, amazed,
blinded by the eclipse of his red intent,
catches eyes in a multi-faceted orb—
eyes grey and distant gazing
on Hippolytus as he drowns.

M. G. Ringer has published poems in The Ontario Review, Cimarron Review, Mudfish, The Hudson Review, and Visions International: The World Journal of Illustrated Poetry, among others.  Ringer's fiction has appeared in First Intensity, Phoenix, and The Midland Review.  Non-fiction publications have concerned everything from American English (International Journal of the Humanities) to Ezra Pound's Cantos (Paideuma).  Ringer has been invited to perform poetry at a number of venues—including the Cornelia Street Cafe in Greenwich Village, New York City, and AS220 in Providence, Rhode Island—as well as deliver scholarly findings at several symposia of the Jack London Society, the American and Popular Culture Associations, the Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities, and the Oxford Round Table.
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