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Skywoman dropped from the sky—
our ancestral gardener.

Our very beginning,
unsullied people,

sweetened womb

fed by the fruit of the
garden of the world.


Consider Eve—
exile on an alien world.

dark days lit by an
illiterate moon,

her choices hurting

betrayed by the fruit of the
garden of the world.


We are inexperienced in life,
in dire need of teaching.

We must look for the teachers
above, below, alive, giving

sustenance for body and mind
the plants are telling stories


we must open our ears and listen.

Goran Lowie (1999) is an award-winning aro/ace poet from rural Belgium with poems in Star*Line, Penumbric, and Kaleidotrope. He writes poetry in his second language and is a high school teacher in his day job. You can connect with him on Twitter, Instagram, and the like: @GoranLowie.
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17 Jun 2024

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