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All these birds. Darkness. All these birds. A glass
of water. Cool, clear water. Birds.
The victor, yes. The spoils. No words
for visions or for climbing down at last
and no words for the look astride your face.
The spoiling water. All these birds.
My name an apple split in thirds,
inverted, honeycombed. A deepening bass
from everywhere and nowhere in a roar
is ringing through and through the world’s
penumbra. Nobody will touch the birds
and now the stag, the badger and the boar,
heron and goat, mouths open wide approach
the pool where blood and sex and, yes, the birds
undo and do, undo and welcome us inside.

Margarita Tenser is a Ukrainian-born Aussie with a large comic book collection, an intense relationship with punctuation, and a pixie haircut, provided the pixie was dragged through a hedge backwards. She has previously had poetry published in Voiceworks and the UTS Anthology.
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24 Jun 2024

I am a little sad that story has ended, even though I could have been the target
The Rise of Speculative Poetry 
Strange Horizons
Speculative poetry has the power to detach and disarm, to tease and pull, to play and emancipate.
We are all harmonic oscillators / Sloshing around in watery bags of salt,
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By: Ana Hurtado
Art by: delila
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