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Outside of the occasional sun-

jumper, you

seldom run into anything truly


except in the most distant reaches

of space.

Radioactive natterjacks, leap-


from black hole to black hole;


bactroids; clouds of migrating


heading toward the galactic

core to join

their fellow manumits; or even,

heaven forfend,

quantum medusae (a ramscoop of

these and you

can pretty much kiss your present

timeline goodbye).

Regardless, however, of constitutional

makeup, impact

with just about anything at light

speed will

pit, corrode, or otherwise gunk

up your

vehicle big time, so be sure

to keep

your scrapeware activated

no matter

how much your ship protests

(older models

will still use the raincoat in

the shower analogy)

and under no circumstances

attempt to

turn a chance encounter with

anything quasi-

forkable into an impromptu

spaceside BBQ.

Robert Borski lives in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. He is still working on perfecting his recipe for Roadkill Stew. You can see more of Robert's work in our archives.

Robert Borski works for a consortium of elves repairing shoes in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. You can read more of his work in our archives.
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I can’t say any of this to the man next to me because he is wearing a tie
Language blasts through the malicious intentions and blows them to ash. Language rises triumphant over fangs and claws. Language, in other words, is presented as something more than a medium for communication. Language, regardless of how it is purposed, must be recognized as a weapon.
verb 4 [C] to constantly be at war, spill your blood and drink. to faint and revive yourself. to brag of your scars.
Wednesday: The Body Problem by Margaret Wack 
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