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Talk's not required to smooth this breach,

Only hard work. We don't dream any,

So don't bother wishing us pleasant sleep.

While you slumber, secure in your superiority,

We're working through the walls, our thoughts

Drills honed diamond-fine by delta waves,

Bank walls and identities alike defenseless.

We don't slaughter, though. We build. Destruction

And chaos are too coarse for our art.

While we forge lives, link chains, inspire

Neurons to fire in a sequence that names names,

You dream you see your long-buried grandfather,

That you become the hero of your favorite show,

Merged with the best friend you always dreamed

Of having. Miracles aren't dross: we

Rescue lost cats, find longed-for lovers, reunite

Dead and living, if only for the night.

We even generate income when we inspire

New novels, new mergers, new careers that won't go sour.

We'll tell you what you really think and feel,

Especially when you're not aware yourself.

Your energy after sleep's our living proof

Of elevated GNP and lasting worth.

What matter if IDs get swapped at birth?

It's better than burnout, wouldn't you agree?

And you're not talking to us anyway.

Catalog librarian by day, Lyn C. A. Gardner co-edits the journal Virginia Libraries. She's had poems, stories, and articles published or forthcoming in Strange Horizons, Daily Science Fiction, Sybil's Garage, The Leading Edge, Mythic Delirium, MindFlights, and more. She is a 2004 graduate of the Clarion West Writers Workshop. You can read more about her at her website
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