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Some Choices

Are pregnant with

Multiple universes

Happen differently in a hundred timelines

The job you were almost offered

The man you divorced for infidelity

The child you aborted

Most of you chose

Other ways and you imagine you are stronger

In those worlds with different guilt.

Some choices

Crack the egg

Of the world so wide

Open the pieces explode

And the universes will never

Touch again



9/11 and Shock and Awe

The choice to burn dead things for fuel

These separate us from our other selves.

Some choices

Allow our other selves to stay near

Enough to whisper in our ears

About the puppy we didn't choose

The workout we missed

The way that if we left five

Minutes earlier we'd have been involved

In the accident on the corner

And lost the ability to stretch our

Arms up above our heads when

We do yoga in the cool mornings

While finches sing on the windowsill.

Bio to come.
Issue 10 Jun 2024
Issue 9 Jun 2024
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By: Ana Hurtado
Art by: delila
Issue 8 Apr 2024
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