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"Sit! Stay!" You pepper me with your commands.

I acquiesce. You push me to resist,

protest at the indignity. "Shake hands!"

It's my most famous trick, so you insist.

"I'm told that language, Master, separates

the beasts from men." The audience oohs and aahs..

"If words do not, then tell me what creates

a gap between us." Murmurs and applause.

We bow, you walk me off into the wings

and treat my question as rhetorical.

I know what makes me less. Two simple things:

The cage and leash. No metaphorical

response is needed, nor will one suffice.

This answer is sufficient and precise.

Daniel Wright lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He is a graduate student in the Math Department at UNC.
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5 Jun 2023

Jackson sat at Kay’s bedside, one of her hands laid atop his, palm to palm, fingertips against the soft inside of her wrist. His fingers measured her temperature and pulse, her blood pressure, and her blood oxygen levels. She was no weaker or stronger today than yesterday. He was unsurprised and uneasy. Her vitals were regular with sleep. She had been resting when he returned from the shore.
You do not mean this as slang.
certain people of the town go outside, kick off their shoes
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