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With a girl like Aphrodite

it's easy to forget each touch

is only visceral. Let her

squeeze your lemon, and you'll go home

with the juice in a paper cut.

Kiss her, she tastes of broken glass

and promises, a cold gray ash

upon your tongue. But each adieu

only brings her that much closer

to burning you alive again.

Aphrodite is a goddess

in heat. Tell her, "I can't see you

anymore," she nods and smiles.

Everyone knows why love is blind.

Ed Gavin
Current Issue
4 Mar 2024

Sometimes among the fish and crabs, we trawl squid and octopus, or little sharks, all added to the pots. Sometimes it’s a fish person, a thing we cut free and do not talk of, pretend we never saw. Today, it is part of a god.
no one wants to understand / why you smell like acid gut and carrion
Grandmother, the wolf’s voice was / a lullaby, the night sky...
Wednesday: Brooms by Jasmine Walls and Teo DuVall 
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