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ورثنا أشجارا

ورثنا أشجارا
مخلوعة جذورها
أشجارا مزروعة
بعیدا عن كرومها الأولى
في تراب مرطب بدماء ودموع

ورثنا أشجارا
ملویة أغصانها
أشجارا مزدهرة
منحنیة الى دفء الشمس الشدید

ورثنا أشجرا معطر نوارها
بنكهة الحب والحنین
وحین تثمر
تذكرنا بطعم موطنها الأصیل


We Inherited Trees

We inherited trees
with roots uprooted,
trees planted
far from their original orchards
in dirt damp with blood and tears.

We inherited trees
with twisted branches
trees flourishing,
bent towards the warmth of the scorching sun.

We inherited trees
with blossoms fragrant
with the scent of love and longing,
when they bear fruit,
we are reminded of the taste of their original homeland.

Iman Alzaghari is a Muslim Palestinian American from California. She holds bachelor's degrees in Arabic and Linguistics from the University of California, Berkeley. Iman is an avid reader, and is passionate about language. She runs @arabicnerd, an Instagram account focused on Arabic and Arab-American literature.
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