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When you left your body lying around

You must have known I'd borrow it.

Mere curiosity would force me.

So—what was it like?

Hmm. Where to start?

The world looked fuzzy

Until I put your glasses on

instead of mine.

A bit heavy on the nose and ears,

have you thought of lighter frames?

It was pretty odd feeling air

on my head, instead of hair;

I mean, I'd put my hand up to neaten my curls, and


was no hair there.

The face in the mirror was more familiar than my own,

Except that I'm not used to meeting it in mirrors.

How frequently do you think I look in mirrors, anyway?

Everything seemed a tiny bit shorter,

especially that bookcase when I put the books

back up.

The pans in the kitchen weighed a little less.

I seemed a bit more clumsy, though.

Maybe you really should do more around the house.

The mouse felt smaller in my hand.

And the fifth stair creaked when I stepped on it.

It's never done that before.

I liked not bothering with a bra.

Those other bits were kind of awkward

Until I got them adjusted.

Must be a nuisance doing that every day,

Especially since they're so sensitive.

I totally get why you fuss so much about good


I walked really carefully in the beginning.

Talking of sensitive, umm, well, yes, it was great

No, just by myself, of course I wouldn't be


So, yes, it was super.

But the reload time . . . well, takes a while, doesn't it?

Your nails were a bit of a mess,

And your skin so dry.

I took it in for a facial and a manicure.

Calm down! I brought it back, didn't I,

In better shape than when I took it.

What do you mean, cooties?

Keyan Bowes (no relation to our editor) is the keyname of an alien resident of San Francisco who maintains a well-appointed feline habitat in her day job. She is a Critter of long standing, and has recently started to publish non-nonfiction. You can contact her by email at:
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