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neon flicker. lightning strike. fluorescent spark.

the walls are pink. the tiles are cold. while

you sit

the clothes spin–spin–spin

behind the round glass door

Speed Queen washing machine

creak rumble thump

you scramble

on your knees

slipping over tiles cold–cold–cold


put your hands on the machine

bent, rusted, and battered

look through the soap, the suds, the sopping wet clothes

tumbling ’round and round

see the little girl swimming

in her old shirt


smiling. Happy


creak rumble thump

you lost her again.


[1] Ligáya (From Tagalog) n. happiness; joy. /liˈɡaja/, [lɪˈɣa.jɐ] , (find her don’t give up she’s out there somewhere).

Caroline Hung is a SFF writer of mixed Filipino and Taiwanese descent. She is well on her way to literary obscurity, but will not give up on her search for Ligaya. Her stories deal with folklore and robots, strange creatures, stranger women, wuxia IN SPACE (!) and oodles of existential dread.
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22 Jul 2024

By: Mónika Rusvai
Translated by: Vivien Urban
Jadwiga is the city. Her body dissolves in the walls, her consciousness seeps into the cracks, her memory merges with the memories of buildings.
Jadwiga a város. Teste felszívódik a falakban, tudata behálózza a repedéseket, emlékezete összekeveredik az épületek emlékezetével.
By: H. Pueyo
Translated by: H. Pueyo
Here lies the queen, giant and still, each of her six arms sprawled, open, curved, twitching like she forgot she no longer breathed.
Aqui jaz a rainha, gigante e imóvel, cada um de seus seis braços caídos e abertos, curvados, tomados de leves espasmos, como se esquecesse de que não estava mais viva.
By: Sourav Roy
Translated by: Carol D'Souza
I said sky/ and with a stainless-steel plate covered/ the rotis going stale 
मैंने कहा आकाश/ और स्टेनलेस स्टील की थाली से ढक दिया/ बासी पड़ रही रोटियों को
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