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If wind people were the world you could never be sure where

any of us might go or what any of us might do. We could be

faithful and fickle, at loose ends or tight as a snare drum.

One moment we'd be here and the next dashing over there.

Tendering blessed relief from the heat of a summer night.

Skittering hats down the street and blowing hair asunder.

Scattering pollen and ripping houses from their foundations.

There is no tying down the wind with rope or chain or tackle.

If wind people were the world, we would fly in constant flux

in whatever direction we chose. Severe and generous as gods.

Bruce Boston is the author of more than forty books and chapbooks, most recently The Nightmare Collection (Dark Regions, 2008). His 2007 dystopian novel, The Guardener's Tale, was a Bram Stoker Award Finalist. For more info, visit his online presence at Bruce can be reached by email at:

Bruce Boston is the author of forty-seven books and chapbooks, including the novels The Guardener's Tale and Stained Glass Rain. His writing has received the Bram Stoker Award, a Pushcart Prize, the Asimov's Readers Award, and the Grand Master Award of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. You can read more about him at and see some of his previous work in our archives.
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10 Jun 2024

In summer, the crack on the windowpane would align perfectly with the horizon, right around 2 p.m.
airstrikes littering the litanies of my existence
I turn to where they are not, / and I nod to them, and they to me.
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