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In Part Three of 100 African Writers of SFF, you'll meet the editors of Cape Town: the people who make things happen. They include Constance Myerberg/Jenna Dann, co-founder of Jungle Jim; Kerstin Hall, founder of Luminous Worlds; Nerine Dorman, writer and editor of the anthology Terra Incognita; Ntone Edjabe, founder and editor of Chimurenga; and Rachel Zadok, a force behind Short Story Day Africa. You can read through the whole chapter by following the "next" links at the end of each interview, or jump to a specific interview by using the links below. Start with the introduction. You can always return to this chapter index by clicking on the "100 African Writers of SF—Part Three" link at the top of each interview, and return to the overall project index by clicking on the 100African category, or clicking here.
Visiting South Africa knocked my timeline for the development of African SFF back by almost a decade.
“I do resist the notion that SF is new to Africa. It’s like saying that storytelling isn’t African. Genres become branding or advertising tools, but the continent has been producing SF as much as anyone for a very long time."
"The divide can be bridged and will be bridged and it’s in the process of changing. I’m hoping a wave of more representative African SFF is rising."
"Africa is a very weird place. That weirdness comes out in my books. It’s an environment and it’s also the people in it."
"The fear of reading and writing from that place is that you are going make Africa even more of an Other. Hasn’t it been made Other enough?"
"I felt that there still was a lot to unpack as a white South African with an innate racism that is bred into you by your society."
There is always hope – I hope.
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