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I’d not long been made journeyman when the Schöpfers’ Guild gave me my first commission in 1928. Frau Leitner from Bavaria had written to request a small restoration–I took the southbound train from Berlin, made two changes, and disembarked at the end of the line in a small town tucked between the pleats of the mountains. 
By: G. V. Anderson
Podcast read by: Anaea Lay
In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Anaea Lay presents G.V. Anderson's "Das Steingeschöpf."
at dusk, the jigsaw puzzle of the cracked mesa molts sulfur blue, nuclear-fissions into a Jericho of blue roses and peacocks.
This is a novel that can’t be reduced to a metaphor, or a character study, or a work of pure imagination. It is all of these things at once, incompletely and held in tension.
“Super Wi-Fi” could easily be a Facebook venture, but the project’s alliance with the Lokshakti’s Cultural Department in a seamless merging of the objectives of State and corporate control has the feel of a near-futuristic dystopia.
Take a hot, humid atmosphere, with incessant rain, constant cloud cover, extensive oceans, and possibly some land or floating islands. Add some exotic flora and fauna, and include one or more indigenous sentient races. Into this melting pot introduce one or more humans—visitors or residents. Include a smattering of plot devices. Stir well and savour the resulting mix.
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