Table of Contents | 12 November 2007
Strange Horizons
"Don't call them dead in front of visitors, unless they say it first. Also, you keep an eye on the clients. They talk to each other. There's a monitor you can look at, I'll show you later. But they're stubborn. They don't change their minds much, so they get into loops sometimes."
As well as being interested in the interactions between humans and the world around them, I am fascinated by both geometrical and free-form shapes, and colors and textures too.
Natural selection is the process by which differences between similar organisms cause the organisms to have different degrees of success at living. One bacterial cell might be better at acquiring nutrients than another. When nutrients are limited, these variants would infer an advantage and hence increased possibility to survive and produce offspring.
More than superhero comics: a look at a few favorite indie titles.
Over the damp-blackened slates, the harbor / lights douse and sizzle in the sloping rain,
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