Table of Contents | 21 March 2022
Due to the high volume of submissions we received during our November 2021 open call, we are taking longer than average to review all of the stories. Rest assured we are doing everything we can to work our way through each of your stories with care and attention. Though we try to respond within 90 days, that is not the case currently with the state of the world and impacts on our staff. Our goal is to finish reading through all submissions by May 2022.
gold dripping off the bone that stains your fingers.
By: Devin Miller
Art by: Alex Pernau
Podcast read by: Courtney Floyd
The storm raged, and all night Suuana stalked the corners of her candle-bright cottage. With bare feet, she stamped shaking into the earth; each time she lifted a foot she pulled the grains of soil with her, loosening them.
The ocean is a library of skin. / I cross the paper waves and printed sands.
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