Table of Contents | 22 June 2015
Instead of featuring space as a thing we will conquer, recent SF looks to space (not inner space or virtual space but outer space, the place that starts 100km above the surface of the Earth or other planets) as a setting we must adapt to and changes what it means to be human in the process.
There's no way into the quarantine zone / on foot, so from my wall-screened apartment / I pilot a makeshift drone to you
"To call any work of art "timeless" begs the question at best. Nevertheless, though, I want to say that the core of Rendezvous with Rama , the wonder and mystery and joy I feel when I read it, remains untouched by time, and whether it actually will or not it feels to me as though it always will."
"This is also how I'm explaining the otherwise discordant simp interlude to myself. It's an uplift red herring! As in, maybe it's meant to get us into the uplift state of mind, to set up an implied/potential Ramans:humans::humans:superchimps relationship."
In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Anaea Lay presents poetry from the June issues.
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