Table of Contents | 24 March 2014
"As the diversity of the pool of genre tales being told widens and deepens, more of us want help accessing it. Where do we find the good stuff? How do we know it's any good? This essay intends to address ways in which reviews, and thus reviewers and reviews editors, can help, rather than hinder, based on my experiences on many sides of this question."
"But if you have a certain leaning toward a certain kind of curiosity, what starts off as a rhetorical question will, when you repeat it enough, shift genres to become a literal one: 'How could , Girard—such an amazingly good writer and such an astonishingly good thinker—say such things?'"
"To listen, to see—that's work. Research is important, but it can't take the place of the deep involvement in the work that I think of when we say 'compassion.'"
God's gift. Quotidian bounty / of salt-cold sand and tide
In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Anaea Lay presents poetry from the March issues.
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