Table of Contents | 28 April 2008
Dean Koontz is a rarity in this business: someone who cares. He could have simply signed my books and sent me on my merry way, but instead he reached out, he made an effort . . . and he gave me a career.
There is such a thing as "reckless caring," and by God there has to be in order for any civilization to arise and to be sustained.
So it was with some trepidation that I started a project to listen to all eight audiobooks in the Ender's Game series.
The Word fractured then, like a crystalline / vase, and has been cracking and / splintering ever since.
The dust bomb had been concealed under the steps of the infirmary, just on the edge of the playground. Dispersal had spread it like a ball of seeds from a dandelion, and now the infirmary was missing a perfect quarter-sphere of its structure.
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