Table of Contents | 29 July 2013
The first time I encountered Elizabeth Ziemska's fiction was when her short story, "A Murder of Crows," was nominated for the 2007 Shirley Jackson Awards.
Before I tell you the story he told me about his encounter with Count Stanislas August Poniatowski, the last King of Poland, I need to explain a thing or two about my father.
In this episode of the  Strange Horizons  podcast, editor Anaea Lay presents Elizabeth Ziemska's "Count Poniatowski and the Beautiful Chicken."
"[Christopher Priest is] a cardsharp who has done the ten thousand hours, who has been polishing his rhadamanthan load-bearing voice for nearly fifty years until it is fit for the task of bearing us through dismemberment."
My predecessors, / being men, / were far too rough.
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