Table of Contents | 30 May 2022
A special issue celebrating visual art and its relationship to speculative fiction, edited by Dante Luiz and Heather McDougal
The future is coming, faster than we want it to, and we can and should decide which direction it goes.
I find comfort in portraying odd, mysterious, evocative scenarios and strange masked figures.
We remember when they sank, when the stories came to life before our eyes.
The Old Gods arrived a billion years ago, that’s the story you’ve been told.
She has a body like a needle and a voice like radio static.
Fields of bowed green gripped onto your feather wrist | her quantum veil hiccupping
In my personal work I'm exploring themes of unfurling, unraveling, falling apart? Falling to pieces maybe.
Mirra knew her mother wouldn’t budge.
The birth of a twin is a special thing.
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