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The most common reaction I get when I mention SF Music to people is, "Oh, yeah. Uh huh. That weird stuff." Instinctively, I know they are thinking of something synthesized, and, you should pardon the pun, alien sounding. And my most common reaction is, "No, that's not it."

Of course, I will freely admit that my own bias is towards filk music. (And no, it's not all parody and bad lyrics. But that's another article entirely.)

So I decided to do a bit of research on the net. Things have changed since the last time I tried. Here's just a sampling of what I found.

Science Fiction Music: Bernard Herrmann, synthesized sound, silence, the human voice, and the female influence -- Kaon Na

The title says it all.

Slacker's Sci-Fi Source -- A Universe of Science Fiction

A listing of various resources and bands, including BloodHag (see interview in an earlier issue), The No Kill I (a Star Trek punk rock band out of Sacramento), and SciFi Electronica Channeled by Aliens (with Randy Jones, formerly of Village People fame).

On-Line Science Fiction Book Store

A comprehensive list of science fiction music available from the On-Line Science Fiction Book Store.

Electronic Space Music

A collection of links to Electronic Space Music

Duncan Long's page of links to Electronic, Modern and Futuristic Music

The Science Fiction Album

A review of "The Science Fiction Album" -- a four CD collection of music from various science fiction movies, performed, for the most part, by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Brain in a Box

A review of "Brain in a Box: The Science Fiction Collection" from Rhino.

City of the Future

Highlighting the album "City of the Future".


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Podcast read by: Katy Bond
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I love flash fiction for a lot of reasons. There’s the instant gratification of reading a complete work of fiction in just a few minutes. And there’s the way flash lends itself to playful, inventive experimentation with form, prose, style, voice, and subject. I also love the way a flash story can be honed and sharpened as everything extraneous is eliminated, and the way it can capture and convey the essence of something—an emotion, a world, a situation, a possibility, an idea, even a joke!—in brilliant brevity.
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