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Just a quick note this week, to welcome our new Articles team! We received a lot of strong applications for these positions, and it's taken us a while to sort through them, but now it can be told. Vanessa Phin becomes Senior Articles Editor, and is joined by the following four, who will now introces themselves in their own words:

Gautam Bhatia is a lawyer who lives in New Delhi, India. He spends much of his day job sitting in court and reading the latest SF novels that have been reviewed by Strange Horizons. He blogs about books and poetry at An Enduring Romantic, and tweets @gautambhatia88.

Joyce Chng is Chinese and lives in Singapore. She writes urban fantasy, YA and things in between, wonders about the significance of female knights and teaches history at her day job. Also wrangles kids and cats. Her website can be found at (She also likes wolves.)

Joshua Johnson lives, writes, and teaches in the Prairie Pothole Region of Minnesota, which is way more beautiful than it sounds. He is a bad chess player and a worse juggler.

Eli Lee is a writer and editor based in London. Her fiction and non-fiction have appeared in The Pigeonhole, Delayed Gratification, The Quietus and the New Statesman, among others. She is inordinately fond of utopias, cultural theory, and romcoms. She is currently writing a novel about none of these. She can be found on Twitter @_els_.

I am inordinately excited to see what non-fiction this team are going to bring to the magazine! So why not send them your ideas—for either our regular issues or the Our Queer Planet special?

Niall Harrison is a reader and fan.
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