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Last time, we listened to something from the series called Hall of Fantasy. Today, we will listen to a show from Dark Fantasy, which is a different kind of fantasy altogether. The name of the show is "The House of Bread" (December 26, 1941). Illustrious Acquaintance says it sounds kind of religious, but what if ... WHAT. IF. this is about an actual house made of bread! That does magic! The prospect of this is very exciting, so without further ado!

Someone just said Dark. Fantasy. and it sounded like he was either really sleepy or about to sneeze

Someone called Scott Bishop is a writer and is going to tell us just the weirdest thing ever


So far someone has burned incense, an organ was playing and ScottBishop fell asleep

Excited for this to get more exciting

OK he’s dreaming about being on top of something very high and looking around please be more exciting ScottBishop

Someone said why do you sigh my son and it wasn’t ScottBishop

ScottBishop is having feelings about something idk and the other dude said maybe you are looking for the truth whaaaaa don’t do that, come on

ScottBishop just asked What is the Truth noooooo don’t do that, ask about zombie bread houses!

ScottBishop seems upset about the truth?


The other guy keeps calling him my son so maybe it’s his dad idk

I have no idea what these two are talking about tbh

So I think the other dude is telling ScottBishop his name and it’s "I am the way and the truth and the light"

This is a Christian story isn’t it

No house of bread yet. Hope to hear about it soon

Now they are talking about the Bible

This is looking more and more like a Christian story and less and less like a zombie house of bread story

It’s always a little awkward, as a non-Christian, to listen to Christian-themed shows because I often don’t know what they are talking about but at the same time, one doesn’t want to seem like an uncool heathen and yet, one almost always ends up sounding like an uncool heathen anyway

Oh the other dude’s name is Word apparently

What would happen if I refused to see the symbolism here and just pretended Word was a common American surname

What if this show is a half-hour metaphor for life?

If it’s a half-hour metaphor for writing I’m going to kill myself

We’re not even five minutes into this show omg

They are still talking to each other and I don’t really know what they are saying

Let’s not forget, all this is apparently a dream!

ScottBishop is looking for things like truth and happiness and peace which is cool I guess but not as cool as a zombie house of bread justsayin

So Word aka the other dude said if ScottBishop wants to find all these weird things, he needs to find the house of bread

And thusly, the dream ends thank god

ScottBishop does not tell anyone about this dream

Which is a good thing because it wasn’t such a great dream tbh

He didn’t even tell Sonia

I predict Sonia will be the only female character in this show and her sole purpose will be to provide something for ScottBishop to talk to

ScottBishop is going to tell his boss that he wants to find the house of bread

Wow ScottBishop is apparently a famous writer selling all the books and making all the money and getting all the commissions to write

I want to be ScottBishop

If I was ScottBishop I would not be leaving all this to find a house of bread

How I was hoping this would be about an actual house made out of bread that also turned people into bread. Or small buns

“So I’ve worked hard and maybe I’m a success”—I can honestly say I have never, ever heard anyone say this irl

Illustrious Acquaintance says this might be because mah peeps aren’t successful people which is super rude but also probably true

I’m sorry everyone for saying that

But none of y'all read this so whatever

Now it looks like ScottBishop is recounting the whole dream et al to his boss but thankfully we don’t have to listen to it

Now here’s Sonia!

Sonia understands everything because she is just the cat’s whiskers and the bees knees

Basically ScottBishop has been saying stuff and Sonia has been like I gotchu fam

They have no idea where to begin to look for the house of bread and they don’t think it’s an actual house BUT WHAT IF IT IS

They are on the way to Vegas I think

Kinda just sounds like they are taking a road trip so far and its not so interesting

Sonia is keeping a diary. This is also not so interesting

Thanks to the diary, we can hear about all the places they have been to which has basically been America

Now they are going to London

There’s a gong that’s been going off for a very long time and I don’t know why

Oh Big Ben maybe? But why tho?

Anyway, they have basically been sightseeing in London

They have gone to Paris and Madrid, where again, they just seemed to be sightseeing

It looks like they think the house of bread is located in tourist hotspots

“No Spaniard had ever heard of the house of bread”—I’ll just leave this here cos it’s cute

Now they are in Morocco. Uh oh.

Let’s see, he’s mentioned dirty streets, shabby buildings and unkempt markets



Now they are being tourists in Tripoli

Now they are being tourists and slightly offensive in Cairo

Now they are just telling us the dates because I guess they ran out of places to see

It’s Christmas and they are in Jerusalem OK I’m guessing this is where they will find the house of bread because Jesus and also because there is only about 4 minutes left thank all the gods

There’s a big star? In a storm? I think?

I guess they are following the star now

They can’t find a place to stay because all the places are filled


They got into some place and there is an old man there


Oh is Word supposed to be God? Idk

Is he Jesus?

Illustrious Acquaintance thought they were both the same hahaha silly heathen

Are they the same?

I googled and found "Who is the God of Jesus" which also seems like a good question

I guess they found the house of bread? Yay?

Oh Bethlehem means house of bread.

See if I had known this earlier I probably wouldn’t have had expectations of a zombie house made out of bread that turned people into bread. Or small buns

Now I just feel like a silly, uncool heathen

Also I’m sorry for somehow insinuating that Bethlehem was a zombie house of bread

It’s always embarrassing when you think a story is going to be about a zombie bread house and it turns out to be a religious-themed story. That is what has happened today. Also, in my last column I wondered why there were no fantasy stories dealing with Christian god/s! And here one is! Maybe the Christian god/s are dealt with a little differently from Kali, but who are we to nitpick, 'tis a fantasy story nonetheless. I can’t think of anything else to say about this.

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