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The imaging test declares her "Tumor"
my embryologic twin.
But she is my sister, with a name
she once mouthed to me in dreams.

Option: surgical removal

of my own flesh,
but why?
She's been fighting
to be born.
A full head of hair now,
and her lipless mouth sprouts
the likeness of teeth.

I show my palmwhere she blooms
to our parents who
unravel before us, fall,
fall like tinkling beads.
Here is the one I never thought
I'd hold; here she is,
her entire form.

If I must sign a waiver
for the possibility of death,
I sign not one for the knife,
but for my sister's chance at life.

On my bed, I lie down
each numbered night,
face-to-face with Sister,
for there is much to teach.
Take my voice if she must
so she may speak.

Anne Carly Abad is currently busy trying to learn a new trick: jewelry-making.  Her written work has appeared (or will appear in) NameL3ss Digest, Apex, and Not One of Us.  Her science fiction novel, The Light Bringer's Kingdom, saw print this year and is now available at Amazon (
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