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The moving shadow-terminator of living memory
leaves another era in the dark of history
when no living witnesses remain.
in the creeping twilight, as the voices begin to fall silent,
the myth-makers take up their song.
Snatch, from the hands of those who lived through it,
the experience of apocalypse:
the Western Front, No Man's Land,
the Dust Bowl, the judgment day of economics,
the barbed wire and the death camps beyond.
Take it up and pretty it, take it up into fairytale, hum
Never Again, We Swear It On the Bones of the Dead
as if it were the chorus to this season's happy love song
under the breath, in a language they don't speak.

E. P. Beaumont writes novels and stories that explore the turbulent boundary between the fantastic, historical, and futuristic. An active member of on­line and local writing communities, Beaumont co-founded Big World Writing Club in summer 2011 and has served as a National Novel Writing Month Municipal Liaison since 2014.
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17 Jun 2024

To fly is to deny death / as the body’s natural state
scrawled in the ashes of who I might have been
Ellie Mathieu can tell when the Big Easy arrives by the smell of its engine.
Wednesday: A Magical Girl Retires by Park Seolyeon, Translated by Anton Hur 
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Issue 15 Apr 2024
By: Ana Hurtado
Art by: delila
Issue 8 Apr 2024
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