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Andrea Chapela has a degree in chemistry and an MFA in Spanish Creative Writing. She attended Clarion West in 2017. She is part of the Mexicanx Initiative and the organizing committee of Mexicona. She is the author of a YA fantasy saga, two short story collections, and a book of essays. Her stories and translations have been published in various magazines and anthologies. In English translation, her publications include poems in The Brooklyn Rail InTranslation, a scifi story in Samovar, and an essay in Tupelo Quarterly. She is on Facebook and is @AndreaChapela on Twitter.

Current Issue
15 Jul 2024

I inherited the molting, which my mother will deny; she’ll insist it’s a thing only women do, each heartbreak withering from the body like a petal.
a sand trail ever fungible, called to reconcile the syrupy baubles—resplendent pineapple geodes
Who chose who spoke? Who silenced the sparrow?
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