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The vegetarian ones are no safer than the others. In fact beware of those that are expected to take root and keep growing. Colours can be misleading— if you're served grey kebabs, do not be afraid to ask for those special glasses. Remember, the things you fail to see properly, at first, are often the prettiest. And though your guide books and petty officials will tell you otherwise, do not go empty handed. Carry a few sugar-dusted biscuits to spread out as an expected dessert, or unabashedly produce a jar of your mother's green chutney from a sleeve. You see the
For some, it is enough to replicate problematic characterisation of the past with a simple romantic gloss – a key example of this would be Meyer’s Twilight series, in which the werewolves remain troublesome and animalistic natives, with the white invaders recast as suave and attractive vampires. For others, the female werewolf comes to represent an opportunity for reclaiming power; she is the ‘underdog’ who can fight against patriarchal/colonial power, a super-powered rebel who can overturn the hegemony (male werewolves are also cast in this light in some contemporary fiction and film).
The crux of cultural appropriation is about power and the ability to represent one's own community in a space where one's own community is misrepresented and is actively oppressed as a result of that misrepresentation.
In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Ciro Faienza presents poetry from the June and July issues of Strange Horizons.
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