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This special issue of the magazine was published between 14 September and 14 October 2016, in support of our 2016 fund drive, with additional content being unlocked as money was raised. To read more about our funding model (and indeed to donate yourself, if you feel so inclined), go here.
Samovar is published by Strange Horizons, as part of its mission to encourage and support the widest possible range of new voices and perspectives across speculative literature.…
...keep pillows, pets and your favourite comfort beverage handy. You'll need them all.
Introducing Ferin in Goldenhand was definitely in response to the conversation that has been ongoing in YA literature circles: we do need more diversity. How to do it can be tricky, of course, because there are issues of cultural appropriation as well to be avoided.
In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Ciro Faienza presents poetry from the 2016 Fund Drive bonus content.
Try to escape / this story. It is impossible.
you are there by the side of the road / where pavement becomes gravel / like the end / of civilization / order bleeding
Late at night / we'll wonder if our wish was worth the aches
Maybe I ate you after all, / my egg, my tiny everything
Samovar submission guidelines Last update: 16 January 2017 Samovar is a quarterly magazine of and about speculative fiction in translation, published by Strange Horizons.…
The city was ready for its beloved daughter to make the first nonmotile journey in history: the ship, which would never leave the city, would traverse half the galaxy.
Test …
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