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The day after the oracles announce that Spire’s Ledge is doomed, Keth takes the long way to her shop, walking to her favorite spots in the city, passing five decades’ worth of life in a single morning. There are few people on the stone paths into the city center, and the very air hangs heavy around her. Keth almost thinks that she could reach out and see the history of her city suspended in the air.
Calls / Drop here, constant, caws and clicks and whoops
Spoilers for Croggon’s Books of Pellinor, Bardugo’s Grishaverse, Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, Pierce’s Tortall universe, and Jemisin’s Broken Earth novels. Note: The Bardugo and Jemisin maps are from the author's websites ( and Jemisin's website), the Tolkien map is from a wallpaper website (, both Croggon maps are from Pinterest, the Martin map is from the A Song of Ice and Fire wiki, and the Pierce map is from a fansite last updated in the early 2000s. They are accurate maps from the books, but from different sources. No copyright infringement
stretching its spiral arms up the curve of my backbone
Maybe this could be art, if art is about suffering.
my grandmother was a bear, you know, so that’s probably why
my companions saw a golden statue and seized a rope
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