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Strange Horizons Gallery Presents...

Frank Wu

Frank Wu is a science fiction and fantasy illustrator living physically in the San Francisco Bay Area, but residing mentally in various diverse realms scattered throughout time and space. His illustrations have materialized in the print science fiction magazines Fantastic Stories (for which he did all the interior art for the current issue), Talebones, Darkling Plain, and Altair, plus the e-zine E-scape. He has also done work for the shareware computer game XEvil. In 2000, Frank won the Grand Prize in the Illustrators of the Future contest. His illustration, which scored him a prize of four thousand dollars and a "big-ass trophy," was published in volume 16 of the Writers of the Future book series. His current project is the cover for the first book to be published by Aardwolf Press, a collection of short stories entitled The Best-Known Man in the World by Daniel Pearlman. Frank was recently Artist Guest of Honor at the WillyCon 2001 science fiction convention in Nebraska, where he had the best baby back ribs on the planet.

In addition to his artwork, Frank has an undergrad degree in English from University of Rochester and a Ph.D. in bacteriology from Wisconsin. He notes that grad school was like "marching through the desert, eating sand all day every day for years." He has also combined his linguistic and scientific backgrounds to write several scientific and science humor pieces. Frank's proudest moment is receiving the following message from a fan: "You're like the Frank Zappa of the art world!"

Blood Culture ©Frank Wu 2001

Tour Frank's work, piece by piece. View thumbnails of Frank's work.

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