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What did January bring us in terms of new stories? Lots of things! Rich Larson continues to be busy: "Masked" appeared in Apex, "The Ghost Ship Anastasia" in Clarkesworld, and his translation of "Milla" by Lorenzo Crescentini and Emanuela Valentini also appeared in Clarkesworld. In other translation news, Lawrence Schimel's translation of Susana Vallejo's dark fantasy "Summer in Amber" appeared in Persistent Visions. And in other Persistent Visions news, they also featured Charles Payseur's "Snow Devils" and Genevieve Williams's "People of the Wild." S. L. Huang has a Future in Nature: "The Last Robot." Daniel Ausema's novelette "The Poetics of Defiance" can be found at GigaNotoSaurus. Octavia Cade's "The Meiosis of Cells and Exiles", about the Soviet biochemist Lina Stern, is in the latest Asimov's, while Tom Green's "Necessary Illusions", Jay Werkheiser's "Briz", and Marissa Lingen's "Drifting Like Leaves, Falling Like Acorns" can be found in the current Analog (never thought I'd see that many SH alumns in one issue of Analog, I have to say). L. S. Johnson's latest story is "Vestiges", in Syntax & Salt, while Michelle Ann King's "Responsible Employers Take Care of Their People" appeared in issue 26 of Dark Moon Digest. The latest LampLight (vol 5, issue 2) includes stories by Ada Hoffmann ("As Hollow as a Heart"), Susan Jane Bigelow ("Warm"), and others. Jessy Randall's story "Anonymized Orgies, Inc." appeared in the latest Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet. Rebecca Ann Jordan's "Unfurring" appeared in the latest Flapperhouse. Claire Humphrey's "Wooden Boxes Lined with the Tongues of Doves" appeared at Beneath Ceaseless Skies. Sheree Renée Thomas's "Who Needs the Stars if the Full Moon Loves You?" appeared in Revise the Psalm: Work Celebrating the Writing of Gwendolyn Brooks. Margaret L. Carter's short fantasy "Familiarly Speaking" appeared in The Lorelei Signal. Troy L. Wiggins's "Black Like Them" was published in Fireside. Adele Gardner's latest story is "Lake Heart", in the December 2016 issue of Deep Magic. And Jeannine Hall Gailey's flash, "Post-Apocalypse Postcard from an Appalachian Chalet" appeared at Fiction Southeast, while James S. Dorr's steampunkish short-short "The Candle and the Flame" appeared in DarkFuse magazine.

Special podcast section: Francesca Forrest's YA story "The Oulough" appeared at Cast of Wonders (narrated by former SH fiction editor Julia Rios!). Aidan Doyle's "The Last Khan's Elephant" was released on Audible.

Moving on to new poetry, which also had a busy month: Recent work at Through the Gate includes "The Queen, After" by Sara Norja, and "Post-Millennial Augury Blues" by Sonya Taaffe. Not One of Us has a special on the theme of "Care", with work by Francesca Forrest, Sonya Taaffe, and others. The 10th anniversary, apocalypse-themed, issue of Diode includes three poems by Jeannine Hall Gailey. Meanwhile, Akua Lezli Hope has three poems in Dozen, drawn from the pages of Breath and Shadow, a literary journal of disability culture. Jenny Blackford's "South Steyne" is in issue 24 of Australian Poetry Collaboration; it was originally composed as part of a project focusing on the Manly Art Gallery collection in Sydney. Peg Duthie's "Epiphany: Rudolph Doing the Camel" appeared at Autumn Sky. Adele Gardner's "Cold Sleep" appeared in Pedestal Magazine. The Winter 2017 issue of Kaleidotrope includes Gwynne Garfinkle's "The Last Word" and Kathrin Köhler's "From the Dictionary of Nonexistent Words, a Sampler". Liu Chengyu's "A Neatly Folded Napkin" can be found at Grievous Angel, while "A Nuclear Winter" appeared at Silver Blade. Alice Fanchiang's "Skin" can be found in the latest issue of Liminality. And David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Catherine Rockwood have work in the latest Illumen; and David is also in the latest Outposts of Beyond, with a poem co-written with Kendall Evans.

Now for some new books. Two from Nnedi Okorafor's latest is Binti: Home, the second in that series; meanwhile, Ellen Klages's Passing Strange is picking up good reviews all over the place. Karen Myers's On a Crooked Track -- the fourth and final volume of her Chained Adept series -- is available from Perkunas Press. And David Lunde has co-translated Xu Zhimo: Selected Poems with Mary M. Y. Fung, for the Research Centre for Translation at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

As ever, let's finish with some non-fiction and related work. Matthew Cheney has thoughts about The Age of Blight. Benjamin C. Kinney's essay on "The Evolved Brain" appeared in Clarkesworld. Marissa Lingen's "How Far Are We From Minneapolis" appeared in the first issue of Reckoning, a new journal of environmental justice writing. And Salik Shah has published issue 7 of Mithila Review, which includes essays and reviews by Regina Kanyu Wang (on Chinese SF), Gautam Bhatia (on River of Gods), and Shaoyan Hu (on translation), among much else.

Niall Harrison is a reader and fan.
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