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Lunch will be
determined by cloud cover and season.

In the old days,
Scandinavia hibernated four months out of the year,
living off reserves of sap and fat, waiting for the sun.
In the 1950s, artificial sunlight was invented,
and their economies went into overdrive.

And humans finally ventured into the long Arctic night,
armed with 10,000-lux lamps,
rationing battery power.
The expedition saw the ghostly shapes of polar bears
pacing heavily
over the moonlit ice
for the very first time.
Now, there's a big dance party at the northern tip of Greenland
every winter, an anti-solar Mardi Gras,
deep bass beats shaking the secret tundra.

Jesus was a sunflower.

The sun is baking shadows
into nothing. Gather your coworkers,
make a bouquet of green faces,
go outside,
glut on photons.

Jinna lives in San Francisco with a Martian and a cat.
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