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Can We Have Our Ball Back? ©Malcolm Aslett 2000

I'm a writer and an illustrator living in the UK and though I might aspire to the serious I end up taking comfort in being funny. Your typical shy kid that can't shake the idea that being funny is a form of worldly success. All of these images are from a series of about thirty where I played around with ideas from Surrealist works. Each title is self explanatory and also the "punchline" of the work. They were all drawn in Photoshop as sketches for canvas works. After years of drawing in pen I love the pure colours and clean lines you can get with a computer program. They are different to what I did before and what I did subsequently. I can plod away producing day after day and when I look back on the stuff I've done it's either with embarrassment at how short they fall from what I had hoped or surprise that I came up with the idea at all. These are simple pieces but some of them still surprise me. They're not everybody's cup of tea. But I like them and I hope you do too.

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