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Doug Sirois was born and raised in Massachusetts and learned to draw at an early age. As he got older he began reading and drawing his own comic books in the styles of his favorite artists. Doug later graduated from the Art Institute of Boston in 2001, earning himself a BFA in illustration. He has since illustrated and designed everything from children’s book covers and CD covers to clothing and apparel. Clients in the past have included Wong Doody Advertising Agency, Authentic Hendrix, Dragonfly Clothing Co., Grateful Dead Inc., N.Sixx Clothing, New Earth Productions, Dragonfly Clothing Company, Santana Licensing, Rebel Spirit Clothing, Interzone Magazine, IDW Publishing, Fantasy Flight Games, legendary bass player Bootsy Collins, Dj Disk, and the 80s band DEVO. He is currently working on a graphic novel entitled "The Banshee's Cry." He currently resides in Claremont, California with his wife Jenn, his dog Miles, and a kitten named Willow.

You can view more of Doug's artwork at, and he can be contacted through his email

Tour Doug's work, piece by piece.

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