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Art is part of the creation. It reveals the issues of the soul and makes them visible. My artistic vision is to create out of spirituality, knowing, and seeing. While I turn my imagination loose, I wander between Earth and other worlds. I seek expression through colors. I ask to fill the hearts with colors, joy, and pleasure. I am a dreamer who believes. I follow my dreams to become all that I can.

I use a variety of techniques and materials: acrylics, oil paint, collages and pieces of daily life. My paintings mostly capture a split moment or a scene, yet they are always in motion. My inspiration derives from a myriad of sources—mystery, outer space, legends, fantasy, and day-to-day life, and the most basic inspiration of all—the human body.

You can view more of Limor's artwork at, and she can be contacted by email at

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Current Issue
17 Jan 2022

The land burns so hot and high tonight that Let can see its orange glow even from the heart of The City of Birds. It burns so thick she can taste the whole year’s growth of leaves and branches on her lips. It burns so fast she can almost hear the deer and cottontails scream as flames outrun them and devour them whole.
I writhe in bed with fever, chills, chatters and shivers. The near becomes far as the far comes close.
No one gets married before going to space.
Issue 10 Jan 2022
Issue 3 Jan 2022
Strange Horizons
By: Antonio Funches
By: Lev Mirov
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Issue 20 Dec 2021
By: Merie Kirby
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Issue 13 Dec 2021
By: Freydís Moon
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Issue 6 Dec 2021
By: C. S. E. Cooney
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Issue 29 Nov 2021
Issue 22 Nov 2021
Issue 15 Nov 2021
By: Madeline Grigg
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Issue 8 Nov 2021
By: Allison Parrish
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Issue 1 Nov 2021
By: Liam Corley
Podcast read by: Ciro Faienza
Podcast read by: Liam Corley
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