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Theodor Black

I decided to be an artist of fantasy and fiction for many reasons. Art of the fantastic is extreme. So extreme most people can not accept it. What is more terrifying than what we can not explain? Death, for example, is something that scares everyone and no one can explain it. Life is an ongoing mystery without reason or explanation. As we live out our short lives on this planet, so much passes us by that it's hard to keep track of it all.

Most things are simple so we pay them no mind but every now and then something happens that we can not explain. Almost everyone I know has had something happen to them that they can not explain at one point in their lives. In an attempt to explain these mysteries people from all over the world have told stories of the supernatural. Many of these stories are so similar they are common. I don't think that life on this earth is easily explained or simple. For that reason, my work's main focus is the fantastic.

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Banshee ©Theodor Black 2003

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