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With apologies for the delay, it’s time for June’s round up of SH contributor news. In the realm of new books, we have: the release of Claire Humphrey’s debut novel, Spells of Blood and Kin, out now from Thomas Dunne books, Brenda Cooper’s Spear of Light (second in the Glittering Edge series) out from Pyr, the ebook release of Jenn Grunigen’s Spyglass from Chromatic Press, D.K. Latta’s Masques & Capes: An Imaginary History, SL Huang's Plastic Smile (fourth in the Russell's Attic series), and Daniel Ausema's Spire City: Unwoven, the third and final title in the Spire City series.

Awards: Octavia Cade's The Ghost of Matter, a tale of grief, ghosts, atoms, and Ernest Rutherford, won best novelette/novella at the Sir Julius Vogel Awards. Jenny Blackford's poem "A litre weighs a kilogram" was commended in the W.B. Yeats Poetry Prize for Australia.

New stories: Sabrina Vourvoulias' story "El Cantar de Rising Sun" appeared in Uncanny Magazine. Richard Larson published two stories in June; "Define Symbiont" appeared in Shimmer, while "Masked" was published in Asimov's. Charles Payseur was prolific this month as well, publishing "Medium" and "Burning Day" in the Book Smugglers Quarterly Almanac and Unlikely Story's The Journal of Unlikely Observances respectively. Heather Morris published "Ship of Fools" in Unlikely Story's Journal of Unlikely Observances. Nicasio Andres Reed's story "Painted Grassy Mire" appeared in Shimmer, while John Schoffstall's "All Your Cities I Will Burn" appeared in this month's issue of Interzone. José Pablo Iriarte (whose fantastic story "Life in Stone, Glass, and Plastic" just appeared in SH's 13th June issue) published "Spirit of Home" in Motherboard's Terraform. A.C. Wise's story "The Last Sailing of the Henry Charles Morgan in Six Pieces of Scrimshaw (1841)" appeared in The Dark. "Clearance" by Sarah Pinsker was published in Asimov's, and Nisi Shawl's The Mighty Phin found a second home at as part of their Cyberpunk Week. Rachael Acks' haunting ".subroutine:all///end" was published in Shimmer. Lawrence Schimel had three flash fiction pieces translated into English from their original Spanish appear in Words Without Borders. Finally, Rebecca Ann Jordan's flash story "Thick-Boned" was published at Word Riot, while Michelle Ann King's "A Partial Inventory of Things I Have Loved" and Lora Gray's "Nuclear Daughter" appeared in Flash Fiction Online. On the anthology front, Heather Morris' "Bone Man and the Sleeping Kings" was published in The Great Tome of Darkest Horrors and Unspeakable Evils Vol. 2, James Dorr's "The Good Work" was published in Blurring the Line, and Vandana Singh's novelette "Of Wind and Fire" was published in To Shape the Dark.

In the world of poetry: Brenda Cooper had two pieces appear in Abyss and Apex, "Visitors" and "Extinction". Jessy Randall's poem "Suicide Hotline Hold Music" was published in Verse Daily. Neile Graham published two poems this month: "Pyrrha" in Eternal Haunted Summer, and "Selene Dresses the Darkness" in Polu Texni. Sally Rosen Kindred also had two poems published, both appearing in Cold Mountain Review: "She Tells You a Story" and "Of Crows".

Keeping with the trend, Naru Dames Sundar published "Were-" in Liminality and "Moirae" in Mithila Review, while Andrew Kozma published "Ode to the Dying Moth" and "Ode to the Molting Cicada" in AGNI online. Kathrin Köhler published "Saint of the Gracious Smile, your lips are cruel" at Liminality. Ada Hoffmann published in Liminality as well with the poem "Million-Year Elegies: Hallucigenia". Gwynne Garfinkle's poem "song for Mary Henry" was published in Through The Gate. Peg Duthie's poem "A Meeting of Dreams: The Swimmer and the Costumer" appeared in the anthology Secrets & Dreams. Finally, Elizabeth Barrette has published several poems on the theme of "All Creatures Great and Small".

Non-fiction: Carmen Maria Machado's essay about Lois Duncan, "I Know What I Read That Summer", appeared in The New Yorker. A collection of Orrin Grey's movie reviews, "Monsters from the Vault: Classic Horror Films Revisited", was published by Innsmouth Free Press. David Kopaska-Merkel (with Ron Buta) published "Footprints in Stone" with the University of Alabama Press.

To finish with a piece of crowdfunding news, SH's own Senior Poetry Editor, AJ Odasso, will have the story "Feet of Clay" appear in the anthology Hidden Youth: Speculative Stories of Marginalized Children, which just met its funding goal through Kickstarter on 6th July.


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