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Freezing rain clicks on the bus window
water, the first liquid
the place of beginning life
returning, ever returning
to this place, four wheels, an engine
one driver, many riders
jerking down a pathway to eternity,

Moonlight reflects off wet sidewalks
the world made new
by past tears, primordial mist
revealed in spots of soft light
our intrusion to evolution
metal, plastic, glass
running down a roadway to infinity,

Riding through my place in time
living in the movie of Earth
"Cut!" this scene is done
tears of the dinosaurs
clicking on window panes
I remember mud, warm and sweet
my flippers sliding in gritty reality,

Whispering in my genes, our genes
all yesterdays barely hiding
in my mouth, lips pressed close
the synchroneity of one breath
I taste eternity on the fingertips
of this day, where the secrets
beat in the heart, the freezing rain.


Copyright © 2003 Linda Addison

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Linda Addison's latest poetry collection, Consumed, Reduced To Beautiful Grey Ashes (Space & Time), received the HWA Bram Stoker. Catch her work in Dark Matter (Warner Aspect), Rough Beasts (Lone Wolf Publications), In A Fearful Way (GSHW), Dead Cats Bouncing (Bedlam Press). She is a member of SFWA, HWA, and SFPA.

Bio to come.
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