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     for Silvia

You teach me patience, send jars of sunlight
that require careful straining. Your children

spin gold from acacia and rose, turn blood shades
into caring sweetness. You did not know me

from either inhabitant of Eden, but still you threw
wide your garden gates and said: Come, taste.

Whence I've come in such condition—my wings
in shreds, hum broken—you took the time to ask.

Now, I take my tea with a fine skim of wax.

A.J. Odasso's poetry has appeared in a variety of publications, including Sybil's Garage, Mythic Delirium, Midnight Echo, Not One of Us, Dreams & Nightmares, Goblin Fruit, Strange Horizons, Stone Telling, Farrago's Wainscot, Liminality, Battersea Review, Barking Sycamores, and New England Review of Books. Her début collection, Lost Books (Flipped Eye Publishing), was nominated for the 2010 London New Poetry Award and was also a finalist for the 2010/2011 People's Book Prize. Her second collection with Flipped Eye, The Dishonesty of Dreams, was released in 2014; her third-collection manuscript, Things Being What They Are, was shortlisted for the 2017 Sexton Prize. She holds an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Boston University, where she was a 2015-16 Teaching Fellow, and works in the Honors College at the University of New Mexico. She has served in the Poetry Department at Strange Horizons since 2012.
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