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Four years later, I am transformed

again—no less shocking for being expected.

From prince to beast, from husband to father.

She, oh, she is more wonderful than ever.

She laughs at that, says freckles, wrinkles,

ten pounds I just can't seem to lose. She

thinks it sweet when I respond, my sun,

my queen, my beauty. But I speak only

truth these days. It's easier.

Though there is this I do not tell her.

When I watch over the cradle, our daughter,

so perfect, I see the subtle traps ahead:

the sharpened spindle; the poisoned apple;

the thoughtless leering princes. And when

I think of what the world might offer her, my

moon, my princess, my beauty,

I savour the memory of claws.

Chris Szego lives in Toronto, and is the manager of Bakka-Phoenix Books, Canada's oldest SF bookstore.

Chris Szego lives and works in Toronto, and is the manager of Bakka-Phoenix Books, Canada's oldest SFF bookstore. 
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18 Sep 2023

Ama’s arm rested protectively around the girl’s shoulder as the giant bird glided above, its head angling right to left. Violet-black wings soared across a cloudless sky, blocking the sun’s midday rays and swathing sections of the village in deep shadow. Given its size, this argentavis was one of her first, but too far above for her to differentiate by name. Even across the distance, Ama could feel its heartbeat synced to hers, their lives intertwined until death.
She is leaving the world that is pink with desire, on her gray cardboard rocket ship.
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