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STEP ONE: Remember we are heathens not researchers.
This tech is new to our little outlaw fingers. We were born heathens.
Assume they were too.

STEP TWO: Send the signal.

STEP THREE: Examine their rubble and bones
with readings and sonar echo-waves our own.

STEP FOUR: Let the moon and the Pleiades set.

STEP FIVE: Say for certain that we know what we don’t.
That they too had waves and words like those we just got.

STEP SIX: Taste their cities. Wear their skeletons. Do it with
our pride. Their foundations will implode silent on our signal.

Henry Farnan is an emerging, queer writer living on unceded Whadjuk Noongar boodja in Boorloo. Find him on Instagram: @henrythewriter.
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8 Aug 2022

my uncle walks around with amulets tied to his waist
Cia transits between you: a moon the size of home, a tiny hole in Shapa’s swirls.
Foxglove was called Foxglove not because of the flower, but because she could slip into the skin of a fox like a hand into a glove.
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