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The Gardener's First Rule, ©2019 Arturo Ibrido

The Gardener's First Rule, ©2019 Arturo Ibrido

Arturo Lauria, also known as Moloch or Dr.Brain, is a 30yrs old visual artist and author based in Italy. He comes from a small village in the Deep South of Italy, and now lives in Florence.

In 2012 he earned a nomination by Treviso comicbook festival, as “revelation author of the year”, in 2013 won the first prize at the Geekie Awards with Colonus, a dark sci-fi graphic novel written by Ken Pisani, drawn by Arturo, published by Dark Horse comics. During the last years he also collaborated with Top Cow,, Heavy Metal magazine and Sergio Bonelli editore, for which he’s working on his second story of Dylan Dog, the famous paranormal detective character from the Italian publisher.

You can contact him at, or find his work at ArtStation and at Heavy Metal.

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27 Mar 2023

close calls when / I’m with Thee / dressed to the nines
they took to their heels but the bird was faster.
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If the future is here, but unevenly distributed, then so is the past.
He claims that Redlow used to be a swamp and he has now brought them into the future before the future. Yes he said that.
My previous Short Fiction Treasures column was all about science fiction, so it’s only fair that the theme this time around is fantasy.
I’ve come to think of trans-inclusive worldbuilding as an activist project in itself, or at least analogous to the work of activists. When we imagine other worlds, we have to observe what rules we are creating to govern the characters, institutions, and internal logic in our stories. This means looking at gender from the top down, as a regulatory system, and from the bottom up, at the people on the margins whose bodies and lives stand in some kind of inherent opposition to the system itself.
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