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The Gardener's First Rule, ©2019 Arturo Ibrido

The Gardener's First Rule, ©2019 Arturo Ibrido

Arturo Lauria, also known as Moloch or Dr.Brain, is a 30yrs old visual artist and author based in Italy. He comes from a small village in the Deep South of Italy, and now lives in Florence.

In 2012 he earned a nomination by Treviso comicbook festival, as “revelation author of the year”, in 2013 won the first prize at the Geekie Awards with Colonus, a dark sci-fi graphic novel written by Ken Pisani, drawn by Arturo, published by Dark Horse comics. During the last years he also collaborated with Top Cow,, Heavy Metal magazine and Sergio Bonelli editore, for which he’s working on his second story of Dylan Dog, the famous paranormal detective character from the Italian publisher.

You can contact him at, or find his work at ArtStation and at Heavy Metal.

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6 Dec 2021

I’m programmed to be autonomous, so I can access the public domain base for hair puns—hey, if I get a client who’s responsive, it can cheer them up.
it is your nose i notice first—you demon, you delicacy! / keen to sniff each invisible stitch of meaning / whether categorical, imaginary, or subliminally intended
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